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Best Radio Talk-Show Host

Mike Rapp

Yankee doodle dandy: Political piranha Emil Franzi swims in KTKT's waters four days a week
READERS' PICK: What do you do when you tire of spinning the Top 40, or the Classic Rock, or whatever the hell the new corporate overlords are ordering you to play? Why, you give up the DJ biz and become a radio talk-show host. That's what Mike Rapp has done, moving from irreverent platter chatter to rousing the rabble on the AM band.

B-SIDE: You gotta love KTKT's one-two punch of political piranhas John C. Scott and Emil Franzi. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday (except for Thursday, when the restaurant guys do The Dinner Hour at 1 p.m.), these guys do it their way, hosting a pair of shows that spotlight local politics through their own subjective lenses. You get extended interviews with local politicos, conservative commentaries, and questions from callers that you never would have thought of yourself. Plus, on Fridays,The Weekly's Tom Danehy joins Franzi for movies and more--and once in a while, they even talk about films.