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Best Radio Talk Show (Host)

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! / Frank, The World Famous Frank Show (TIE)

Amy Goodman gives hairy-legged, feminazi lesbitrons; outraged, cocaine-farming Venezuelans; and crusading, Prius-driving enviro-martyrs a chance to say their piece. Her humorless, comatose voice tells the news like no one else--with the extreme liberal bias Bill O'Reilly has come to love and respect. You could get your information about current events from blonde bimbos on CNN, or you could get well-reasoned, thoughtful debate about pressing issues on Democracy Now!

We could go for the easy larf here and say that the insatiable brains-lust of zombies got to The Frank Show before we could—so we will! What other explanation is there for the "mind"less (get it?) style of dick-joke-ian fun that is The Frank Show's hallmark? How else to explain the show's legion of brain-dead followers, other than a localized zombie outbreak? According to our Dungeon Masters' Guide, zombies typically have poorly developed senses of humor, but inexplicably find it hilarious when someone is kicked in the nuts, which is a Frank staple. Other undead-pleasing elements of Frank's repertoire include his dwarf sidekick, the "Dumbass of the Day" segment and Undead-American-friendly hiring policies. Let's hear it for the 2007 (Co-) Best Radio Talk Show Host, Tucson!

Runner up:

3. Johnjay and Rich, KRQQ FM 93.7,

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