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Best Radio Station


Reader's Pick: If you look left on the dial to 91.3 FM, a music mix of legendary performances will greet you! You will be blessed with goodness-well, you will find yourself blessed if you are a true fan of music. We're not talking about music that is major-label carrying, no-talent having, over produced mindless crap that DJs of major radio stations so gleefully torture us with by spinning 'N Sync in heavy rotation. We're talking about a radio station that is all over the music map, with shows ranging from country music on Route 66 to psychedelic on '60s and '70s on Technicolor Dream, to the swank cocktail music of Swizzle Stick. KXCI has shows that feature punk, salsa honky-tonk and world music, and a beloved Locals Only! Do you know any other station that spins local music? We didn't think so.