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Best Radio Station to Crank Up and Pretend Your Car Has Hydraulics

KOHT FM 98.3

Have you ever entered your car feeling psyched—even if you're embarking on unpleasant errands or commuting to a crappy job? Congratulations. Turn on the tunes, and drive happy. But if—horror of horrors—you hit a traffic jam, say goodbye to your good mood. In fact, you just might wish for the end of the world—that is, unless you tune your radio to Hot 98.3 FM, which can help you through any car-conundrum death wish. Just increase the volume; turn your (imaginary?) baseball cap sideways; and embrace the lyrics of whatever gangsta track is probably playing. In your mind, you're now a bad-ass mofo in a pimped-out Cadillac with hydraulics, launching it up and down with the music. All you need is an imagination and 98.3, homie.