Best Of Tucson®

Best Radio Station for News

KUAZ (89.1 FM)

As we write this, it happens to be time for KUAZ's seasonal telethon. And our television happens to not be working. So we've been listening to KUAZ for hours, fundraising breaks and all—and you know what? We still love it, just like all you Tucsonans do. In fact, this telethon is helping us write this very blurb—reminding us of all the wonderful, informative National Public Radio shows it airs, like Science Friday, Fresh Air, The World, even This American Life (not exactly news by strict definition, but we highly recommend it)—as well as local programming like Arizona Spotlight. (And how cool is it that we went to school with one of the reporters?)


2. KXCI (91.3 FM)

3. KQTH (104.1 FM)