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Best Radio Station for News

KUAZ FM 89.1/AM 1550

With strong local journalists like Robert Rappaport, Christopher Conover and Mark McLemore (newscasters with non-alliterative names need not apply), KUAZ keeps Southern Arizona in the know. Programs like Arizona Spotlight highlight issues facing the community, while NPR shows like Morning Edition, Talk of the Nation and Fresh Air give listeners a global perspective. If Diane Rehm bores you, there's always the weekend. Let Prairie Home Companion's Garrison Keillor regale you with tales of Lake Wobegon, or learn not to drive like either of Car Talk's Magliozzi brothers. During your commute through Tucson's urban sprawl, KUAZ will help you grow and learn.

Runners up:

2. KQTH FM 104.1, aka "The Truth"

3. KXCI FM 91.3

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