Best Of Tucson®

Best Radio Station for News

KUAZ AM 1550/FM 89.1

While you're hunkered down fighting the zombified hordes, there's no greater comfort than knowing that the rest of the world is falling apart, too. While a late afternoon spent listening to All Things Considered on Tucson's venerable public radio station will certainly make your own problems seem a bit silly, the in-depth, intelligent reporting, commentary and features are often so artful, so full of human emotion and beauty, that they remind us why all this fighting is almost worth it. Then comes Saturday morning, and Scott Simon is talking about baseball on Weekend Edition, and Click and Clack start chuckling on Car Talk, and someone calls from Ohio to ask if they need new struts on their Volvo, and all of a sudden, things aren't so bad at all.

Runners up:

2. KCXI FM 91.3,

3. KNST AM 790