Best Of Tucson®

Best Radio Station For Music

KXCI-FM, 91.3

READERS' PICK: Where else on the local airwaves will you hear Tuvan throat-singing from Mongolia, Finnish folk songs and a show of psychedelic '60s sounds? Calling the station's global-spanning range a smorgasbord of sound just scratches the surface. Community radio KXCI takes on and succeeds the challenge of being as diverse as the population it serves, and then some. And if you don't like what you hear, wait a little while and it'll change to something completely different. If you've tried to explain KXCI to friends outside the Tucson area, help is on the way: the station has plans to stream its programming over the Internet, so even your friends in Outer Mongolia can hear their favorite Tuvan tunes broadcast from Tucson to yurt via computer. KXCI is one of those group efforts that best showcases the Old Pueblo in all its eclectic glory.