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Jon Justice, KQTH FM 104.1, aka "The Truth"

Jon Justice is one of the city's most notorious and best-known radio personalities, and his show has the tagline, "The only radio show where you have a voice." But after listening to him, it's clear that only Tucsonans who veer far to the right have a voice on his show. One can't deny that the man has been a big force in helping restore FM talk in Tucson, and that he is a dynamic and talented radio host. That said, it is increasingly difficult to listen to this guy in the age of SB 1070. His shrill calling out of people against the law—and his absolute certainty that the law would be beneficial—are worrisome.

Runners up:

2. Johnjay and Rich, KRQQ FM 93.7

3. Frank, formerly KFMA FM 92.1/101.3;

now KLPX FM 96.1

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