Best Of Tucson®

Best Radio Personality

Johnjay and Rich, KRQQ FM 93.7

Tucsonans still revel in the morning-show antics of Johnjay and Rich, even though they packed up and vacated the KRQ studios a few years back for fancier digs in Phoenix. In some ways, they're the adopted hometown tandem that did good, and they've managed to make the locals feel at home while expanding their scope to Portland, Ore., Colorado Springs, Colo., and Fort Collins, Colo. They have an innate ability to involve the listenership through a variety of enjoyable interactive conversations, and the duo's uncanny and A-caliber guest list plays big in a Tucson market that has been kind to locals over syndication in the past. They face an interesting transition, as contributor Carrie Moten recently left the show, but Johnjay and Rich have made flawless transitions before. It seems likely that this regular Best of Tucson® staple will continue its ride on top, while maintaining an allegiance to the Old Pueblo.

Runners up:

2. Frank, KFMA FM 92.1/101.3

3. Jon Justice, KQTH FM 104.1, "The Truth"