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Jennie Grabel, KWMT FM 92.9 (The Mountain)

The morning-radio talk shows are primarily a blur of DJs who focus on dirty jokes, jarring personal stories and weird contests. Jennie Grabel is quite the opposite--many of our readers' morning commutes are filled with Grabel's positive and uplifting vibes to begin the day. Grabel, along with colleague Blake Lewis, center their wake-up show on music, events around town and trivia about life in the beautiful Sonoran Desert. Grabel's daily quotes, each an enlightening thought, will inspire you to steer clear of road rage in that traffic jam. So when waking from the dead at 6 a.m., only to be bound to the confines of your not-so-spacious cubicle, tune your radio to the ever-so-optimistic Jennie Grabel, and your day might be a little brighter.

Runners up:

2. Johnjay and Rich, KRQQ FM 93.7,

3. Kidd Squidd, KCXI FM 91.3,

Vote of note: "When they actually play music. Shut up, already!"

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