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Best Radio DJ

Kidd Squidd

READERS' PICK: Dave Squires, a.k.a. Kidd Squidd, has been a stalwart of Tucson's own KXCI-FM since moving here from Los Angeles in 1984 -- and from that time on, he's been committed to the principle that ours should be one pueblo under a groove. Squidd's three-hour Saturday extravaganza Rock Roots, a.k.a. Mystery Jukebox, has given Tucson listeners a bottom-to-top education in the pleasures of music of all kinds, from the field shouters of 1920s Mississippi to the latest technoravers from Manchester. The Kidd has also instructed us in all manner of musical knowledge, from the origin of the word "ska" to the contents of Elvis' last meal. One day they'll name a school of music after the Squiddmeister. Until that time, he'll have to bask in the love of his many listeners -- a love that he repays weekly with the wondrous good vibrations he spins.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Kathy Rivers on KZPT-FM, 104.1