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Foxx Bodies

Foxx Bodies have all the ants-in-socks unrest of the best Riot Grrrl combos, the visceral rock 'n' roll spittle of vintage punk rock, and the feminist (humanist) punch of, say, author Naomi Wolf on a speed jive. Go ahead and try to escape the tragic lyrical hum in "Mercy Fuck" or the face-slap irony of "Rock Baby" or the familial terror of "The Trip." More, their guitar-bass-drums-singer wallop is beautifully gnarly, yet melodic and concise, as if they're banging it out in an empty garage—guitars reverberate, edges skate, vocals pierce. In fact, last year Tucson Weekly called Foxx Bodies "Band of the Year." It's hardly a surprise they nailed this category. 

Runners up:

2. Gaza Strip

3. Lenguas Largas

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