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Best Public Servant

Mayor Bob Walkup

READERS' PICK: See "The Most Happy Fella."

B-SIDE: Dan Eckstrom, the South Tucson Democrat. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles may have sung, "I Second That Emotion," but it's Eckstrom who can make motions and, when necessary, commotion. He has rescued countless Board of Supervisors meetings from the abyss with quick moves and courage. Eckstrom is a lot like Jackie Gleason: heavy but dexterous, nimble, light on his feet. There is no one better in battle, on the dais or in the street. He confounds, then converts opponents and delivers for his district. We'd pay Eckstrom a salary to sit on the City Council--it would require a special intergovernmental agreement with South Tucson--or the Tucson Unified School District Board to really call school into session.