Best Of Tucson®

Best Public Art

Rattlesnake Bridge (by Simon Donovan)

Evidently, there's some local American Indian belief that crossing a rattlesnake is bad luck, yet here we are in Tucson with a giant metal rattlesnake, made into a bridge crossing six lanes of traffic. You might know a few people who avoid it because of this belief, while others revel in artist Simon Donovan's contribution to the east entrance of our desert downtown. Start at the mouth, on foot or bike, and dance around or pretend you're traveling where no one has traveled before. At the end, the snake's shiny rattle ... well it does just that: It rattles. Welcome to Tucson, and thanks for crossing.

Runners up:

2. "Windows to the Past, Gateway to the Future" (by Steve Farley)

Broadway Boulevard, just east of Congress Street

3. Griffin on Scott Avenue