Best Of Tucson®

Best Public Art

Rattlesnake Bridge (by Simon Donovan)

If you've ever wondered how Jonah felt, try walking through the Rattlesnake Bridge. There's not a bad view up there, looking out from the belly of the giant diamondback rattlesnake beast. You can see downtown, A Mountain, Tumamoc Hill, the Catalinas, the Rincons (except for a big-ass billboard blocking the way) and the rest of our hometown. Conceived of by local artist Simon Donovan (he also did "Flying Books" at the Woods Memorial Library), the bridge has been a perennial favorite of Tucsonans. Strangely, the snake is actually better viewed from a car than walking through it. Trees growing at the front and rear of the snake are starting to camouflage it, just like in nature.

Runners up:

2. Broadway Underpass Wall (by Steve Farley), Broadway Boulevard, just east of Congress Street

3. "Sonora" by David Black, Joel D. Valdez Main Library, 101 N. Stone Ave., 791-4393,