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Best Public Art

Rattlesnake Bridge (by Simon Donovan)

Pedestrian safety corridor? Municipal art installation? A way to frighten faint-hearted tourists? Yes! Simon Donovan's Rattlesnake Bridge is all three and much more. At first glance, it is merely a giant rattlesnake sinuously crossing Broadway Boulevard. For proud Tucsonans, however, the statuesque serpent symbolizes a harmonious marriage of art and nature, plus a nod to our favorite baseball team. Who would have known that a creature so misunderstood in real life would become an architectural hit when crafted exponentially larger? The only thing missing are some built-in smelling salts for the unsuspecting visitors.

Runners up:

2. Broadway Underpass Wall (by Steve Farley), Broadway Boulevard, just east of Congress Street
3. Downtown sidewalk stencil art (temporary), Various locations

Sign of the impending apocalypse: Fred Ronstadt, one vote