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Rattlesnake Bridge

Simon Donovan is a stud worthy of headlining Tucson's center ring any day. Let's face it: Many of us dislike snakes. OK, that's being polite--we HATE them. They're slithery; they bite people; and one of 'em wreaked big-time havoc in the Old Testament. (In fairness to the snake, they were here in Southeastern Arizona before most of us were, so local serpents have every right to act slithery and bitey towards us humans.) Despite these bad feelings, Donovan came along and created, with the help of some talented construction workers, the Rattlesnake Bridge, which y'all seem to adore, based on your Best of Tucson votes. Turning something frightening into something adored--THAT takes talent.

Runners up:

2. Broadway Underpass Wall, Broadway Boulevard, just east of Congress Street

3. Mountain Avenue "flow" pieces, Location to be determined, maybe

Vote of note: "That goddamn Paul Bunyan"

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