Best Of Tucson®

Best Prime Rib

Jonathan's Tucson Cork

6320 E. Tanque Verde Road

STAFF PICK: We once asked Jonathan Landeen why it was that his prime rib was better than any we'd tasted. He feigned uncertainty, but later confessed that it might have something to do with the fact that he hand-picks all his beef himself, and ages it according to his own high standards. Whatever the secret, there's no finer slab of high-end roast beef in town than the prime rib at Jonathan's Cork. Two sizes accommodate both modest and phenomenal appetites, and the meat is invariably cooked precisely the way you've requested. The serrated knife is almost unnecessary, such is the degree of tenderness this juicy cut achieves. It melts in your mouth like butter. A sidecar of creamy horseradish stands at the ready, as does a tiny cup of au jus. Side dishes and dinner salads are included with each entree. The garlic mashed potatoes, creamy and redolent with cooked garlic, are the perfect thing to soak up that au jus.

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