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Best Pregnant Dancer

Tammy Rosen

Talk about bellydancing. Tammy Rosen was six months pregnant when she took to the stage to dance the solo "Origins" in NEW ART's January concert. Make that a sort-of solo. April Greengaard choreographed it as a duet for a new-mom dancer and her baby several years back, but Rosen danced it with her baby still inside her belly. Always a graceful and engaging dancer, Rosen easily balanced her giant tum through the modern work, her gameness and megawatt smile earning her a standing ovation from the crowd. Five months later, at NEW ART's June concert, fans got an out-of-belly glimpse of young Katie Rose in her mother's arms, when Rosen took a bow for "Trickster," a work she and Leigh Ann Rangel choreographed. The intrepid Rosen had composed a part of the piece when the wee one was just weeks old.

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