Best Of Tucson®

Best Pop Music Station

KRQQ FM 93.7

Wouldn't you love to hear a Justin Bieber tune as the world is exploding? If you raised your hand for "yes," then you probably already tune in to KRQQ FM 93.7. This Clear Channel property nabbed Best Pop Music Station honors, and its pulsating, often-peppy tunes aren't the only things listeners dig. Morning DJs Johnjay and Rich kick off the weekday with their bantering. Other DJ talent on the list includes Ryan Seacrest, Boy Toy Jesse and Sisanie. While there's no guarantee you'll hear Bieber bleating from the speakers at the exact moment when the world ends, you can always be assured you'll get the most-popular pop for a befitting adieu.

Runners up:

2. KXCI FM 91.3

3. KMIY FM 92.9, aka "My 92.9"