Best Of Tucson®

Best Pop Music Station


Reader's Pick: The longtime champion in this category is being chipped away at from all directions, but it maintains its hold on the center of popular music.

Reader's Poll Runner-Up: The Point, 104.1 FM

Of Mythic Proportions: KGMG MEGA 106.3-FM. Just like the pimply faced teens in The Commitments, we are disciples of soul, and the only place you can get real soul music is at MEGA 106.3. While other stations might claim to play urban music, it's mostly this week's flavor of rap, devoid of any passion. On MEGA, you'll hear Al Green crooning; Earth, Wind, and Fire soaring; James Brown blistering; and Average White Band funking things up. Plus, you get Tucson's most professional and least-insulting morning drive-time jock, James, "The Manic Hispanic" Rivas.