Best Of Tucson®

Best Pop Music Station

KRQQ-FM 93.7

READERS' PICK: This station is the undisputed king of the Top 40 stations in these parts. Since the days of legendary deejay Mike Elliott, bad hairdos, and music kept alive only through the success of Adam Sandler movies, KRQ has been providing the pulsing beat for Tucson for nearly two decades. While tastes have changed (the once all-white playlist is now hip-hop heavy), KRQ has remained if not ahead of the curve, then certainly right on it. From Betsy Bruce in the morning to R-Dub at night, KRQ is one of the buttons in just about every car radio in town.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: It's hard to limit eclectic community radio KXCI-FM 91.3 to a single genre, but its loyal listeners have been gulping down its adult alternative "Morning Brew" for going on two years. From forgotten favorites and new releases to local artists, deejay Jim Blackwood gives his listeners a reason to rise and shine with snappy pop that won't insult your ears or emotional development with insipid lyrics and sloppy musicianship. Round the clock, KXCI offers the most free-range listening you'll find on the local airwaves, from perennial favorites like Kidd Squidd's "Rock Roots" program (see Best Radio Personality, this page), to live studio sessions with artists ranging from up-and-coming locals to touring musicians from all walks. This is pop that's as populist as it is popular, as we like to think it was meant to be.