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Best Playground

Brandi Fenton Memorial Park

What good is a playground if it ain't cool? A day spent at this park is like giving your child a chill pill. Six months of the year, there's the Splash Pad, where your wee ones can run through various sprays and enjoy geysers of the desert's rarest resource—water. There are tables under a nearby ramada where parents can sit and monitor their wee ones. Covered basketball courts and other play structures also have it made in the shade. Or you can spend some quiet time horse-whispering at the nearby equestrian area. All of this is absolutely bikeable via the Rillito River path, part of "The Loop" which means you CAN get there from your particular "here."

Runners up:

2. Gene C. Reid Park

22nd Street and Country Club Road

3. Himmel Park

1000 N. Tucson Blvd.