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Best Plant Nursery

Mesquite Valley Growers

With development in Tucson approaching the Brobdingnagian, it's a relief to find 17 acres of commercial property devoted to greenery. And it's the plants, not the land, that are for sale. The selection at Mesquite Valley Growers is truly tremendous--trees, bedding plants, drought-tolerant shrubs, roses, houseplants and more, in lush rows that seem to go on forever. The staff can provide information on everything from organic gardening to plant diagnosis to what-should-I-put-in-my-window-box queries. As a landscape architect all the way in Seattle once said (when asked what to do with a friend's yard in Tucson), "Why don't you just go to Mesquite Valley Growers?"

Runners up:

2. Desert Survivors Plant Nursery, 1020. W. Starr Pass Road, 791-9309
3. Harlow Gardens, 5620 E. Pima St., 298-3303