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STA Travel

910 E. University Blvd.

STAFF PICK: As our dear, great Socrates once said, "the unexamined life is not worth living." And so we have STA Travel, ever-blessing our youth and students with the gift of the unsought and the pleasure of carrying the vision of the unseen. The three preeminent student- and youth-travel advisors are all impressively journeyed throughout the world and very well versed in the act of forming your individual dream into a reality. STA brings you exclusive and rare tickets, tours, excursions, treks and programs specially formulated to fill and fire the mold of your personal dream. But dreams of travel perchance may not lead you toward the lemurs of Madagascar, or the mystical pyramids of Egypt; perhaps your world's dream and pleasure may send you back home to visit your friends and see your family. For whether it is a hostel within Rome, a vast package to Las Vegas or a passionate trudge through Tibet, worry not, for the three at STA are there to soothe your worries and plan every last detail for you. Dream well, my friends, and allow STA to support you throughout the unmitigated reality.