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Best Place to Spend a Fortune on Wine

58 Degrees and Holding Co.

The mantra at this new, swanky, high-end, full-service establishment is "sip, shop and store." They feature a cozy bar with 58 different wines to sample, plus an assortment of gourmet beers (it isn't an oxymoron). The store portion is easily navigable with sections of various imported and domestic vintages divided by varietal type such as merlots and chardonnays. Be forewarned: It'll take mucho moolah to get blotto here, with individual bottles starting around a ten-spot but coasting up to a C-note. After you've hocked your house for that case of must-have cabernet, you can chill your booty in their temperature-controlled cellar, complete with your own storage locker. 58 Degrees and Holding isn't for everybody, and frankly, isn't that the point?

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