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South Tucson's Redux Of Fourth Avenue

STAFF PICK: Next time you're test driving a new Lexus sedan and want to test it for maneuverability, why not try South Fourth, the Lombard Street of the Tucson area? Realigned recently by the city of South Tucson, that lovable city within a city, the street now zigs and zags to slow down the traffic between 15th and 36th streets. Not only that, they've put in so many decorative touches that you can't even swing un gato without hitting a tiled planter or an arch feature. The shrine-style placards every 20 feet make you wonder how many motorists have died on this slaloming, careening endurance course. And from bus benches to trash cans, the street now has more tile than a Catskills mah-jongg tournament. At least they're trying.

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