Best Of Tucson®

Best Place to Sing Karaoke

The Depot

3501 E. Fort Lowell Road

Here’s a great Final Jeopardy question: This fictional movie character is on the American Film Institute’s list of Top 50 Movie Villains and Top 50 Movie Heroes. (Answer below so you can think about it.) Along those same lines, one of the greatest and worst inventions of all time is the Karaoke Machine. It allows people to release their inhibitions, tap into their as-yet-undiscovered musical talents and overcome their fear of making complete fools of themselves in public. It can also (sometimes simultaneously) subject an audience to a sound akin to that of a cat being tortured by a wildebeest. The Depot offers unrestrained karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights. You’re invited and you’ve been warned. (Oh yeah, the answer: The Top 50 Hero and Villain is The Terminator—the original one portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger.)

2. IBT’s

3. Margarita Bay