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Best Place to See a Concert

The Rialto Theatre

How could the great Rialto not win "Best Place to See a Concert" (or—basically synonymous—"Best Indoor Venue") every year sequentially since 2002? This concert hall has everything: a great downtown location, big stage and auditorium, beautiful entryway, great sound—and crucially, a long history (it's 95 years old). It also brings all the best bands from across the genre spectrum, including acts both local (think Burning Palms, Tom Walbank, Great American Tragedy) and widely famous (AFI, Modest Mouse, Tech N9ne, you name it)—and of course, at least one local band that's become famous (Calexico, of course)!

Runners up:

2. Fox Theatre

3. AVA Amphitheater

Previous Winners

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