Best Of Tucson®

Best Place to Pretend You're Living in Phoenix

The Northwest Side

Drive home from work up Oracle Road, past the rolling waves of red roofs and stucco flotsam coating our beautiful Sonoran Desert. Drive, drive and keep driving, past the faux-adobe McDonald's, the neon strips of cloned commerce, the golf greens and gargantuan Depots and Marts. Wait through one, two, three lights to turn left toward the nearly obscured Tortolita mountains. Cruise past vast ex-urban petri dishes with unintentionally ironic names like Dove Mountain and Saddlebrooke Ranch. Go to bed, because you're getting home so late, there's no time left for anything else. Get up. Do it again. Do it for another 20 years or so, and you won't have to pretend anymore--Pinal County will have disappeared into the converging maws of Tucson and Phoenix.

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