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Best Place to Pretend You're at Rocky Point

El Guero Canelo

The aroma of grilled meats and chiles, the sounds of ranchero music, the brightly Mexican flag-colored signs and the down-home casual attitude on El Guero Canelo's patio all add up to a great outdoor eating experience. You'd swear you were just blocks from la playa in Rocky Point. The claim to fame here are the Sonoran style hot dogs--grilled weenies served in a super-soft, specially made bun and topped with beans, onions, tomatoes and a drizzle of mayo and mustard and an assortment of condiments to finish them off. The tacos are supreme, and the mucho, mucho carne burros are soooo big you'll need a siesta afterward. This place attracts everyone from local firefighters to famous local chefs (both known to know good food).

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