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Best Place to Meet Errol Flynn for a Drink (Were He Still Alive)

The Tap Room at Hotel Congress

For anyone too young to remember, Errol Flynn was the original movie swashbuckler, Captain Blood. His wild and raucous private life is legendary, but we'll only speak of his drinking here. The Tap Room is Flynn's kind of place. It's a bar! A tavern! You go there to drink, man! The décor hasn't changed much in its almost 90 years of existence (although the art changes often). The kickass jukebox plays Benny Goodman, Jimi Hendrix, Patsy Cline and The Clash! The beer is ice cold. Booths are perfect for private conversations, and the leatherette bar stools are vintage, making you feel like you're drinking in a different era. Add bartenders who know how to mix a real cocktail, and you've got yourself a swell place. So belly up to the bar, boys and girls, and toast a shot to Mr. Flynn.

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