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Best Place to Load Up on Produce and Garden Gnomes

Food City

The Food City on South Sixth Avenue isn't just a supermarket; it's a total, Sensurround AZ-Mex experience. From the carnival atmosphere of the parking lot, where you can buy freshly roasted green chiles or quesadillas from vendors, to the heavily loaded shelves, topped with one of the most extensive lawn-ornament displays of any supermarket, Food City never stops being cheap, interesting and fun. The produce section is one of the best bargains in town, huge and full of unusual selections like sugar cane, guava and coconuts. There's a tortilla factory inside the store, as well as a full butcher shop and a bakery. The selection of Mexican cheese, meats and spices is gi-normous, and the food, all the food, is usually cheaper than at other supermarkets.