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Best Place to Have a Beer With Kids in Tow

Barrio Brewing Co.

Some people might raise their eyebrows at the presumably oxymoronic concept of a kid-friendly bar, but aren't pubs in Great Britain a family destination? That's what we've heard, anyway. Barrio Brewing has snacks beloved by the younger set--french fries (we recommend the beer-battered version), some kind of chicken finger food and quesadillas--as well as fine microbrewed beer to keep the parents calm and congenial. The staff doesn't seem to mind the wee beasties, as long as they're kept safe and under some semblance of control. Some kids enjoy observing the shuffleboard games, while others are content to watch basketball on the big screen with the parents. But no doubt: The biggest draw for kids of all ages is the train that rolls by on a regular basis, right in front of the brewery. The lights flash; the bells sound; the gates go down; and here comes the locomotive. Now that's what we call fun. (And if the train stops on the tracks, which happens quite frequently, beer is offered at the happy-hour price.)

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