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Best Place to Gradually Introduce Your Kids to the Haunted House Experience

The Slaughterhouse

It's the old Farmer John's slaughterhouse, so that alone on a dark Halloween-season night should be scary enough, which is why The Slaughter House haunted house concept is perfect for the former meat-packing plant. True, not every household likes to include haunted houses in their October traditions, but those who do and have little ones might appreciate the fact that this spot has several levels of scariness, with the lowest level suitable for wee ones. Different levels gradually scare your pants off in different ways, the highest level of scariness means you never ever let go of the people you are with—ever. Slaughterhouse has been giving the other Halloween-season traditions, Old Tucson for example, some major competition. Spread the love if you want, or make every weekend of October a Slaughterhouse experience. You can feel good at the same time you scream—a good portion of the proceeds go to different Tucson charities listed on their website.