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Best Place to Gorge on Fried Things While Drinking

The Red Garter

Not only do they have just about every beer imaginable on tap; they have food, too, which, if you're a serious drinker, you know is important. Beer and fried food pairings can enhance the flavor of both the beer and the fried food; for example, the Tutti-Fruiti fries (steeped in sour cream and spices) accent a pint of Fat Tire especially well, bringing out the flavors of salt and potato. Fried zucchini is especially good with a pint of Dos Equis, and chicken fingers are swell with a good ol' Bud Lite. In the mood for a salad? Might we suggest the chef's salad, served with the Garter's homemade honey mustard dressing, with a bottle of Smirnoff Ice? If you're counting carbs, the Garter is not the place for you-although they do have a bunch of pool tables, so you can burn off those effective carbs effectively.

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