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Best Place to Get the Family Geek On

Flandreau: The UA Science Center

While the folks at Rio Nuevo and the UA continue to fiddle with the future UA Science Center, the current UA Science Center is already the best place in town for your big and little guys and gals to get their geek on. There are animated shows and, of course, light shows, but kids who actually wonder if there is life out there will want to make Flandreau their science home. Make a UA evening of it--have dinner at the Student Union, and after you've gone up on the roof to look at stars through the telescope (the volunteer there is most patient and can answer any question a grade-schooler can cook up), go to Main Gate Square for some frozen yogurt. Between spoonfuls of dessert, you can continue the evening discussion on a bench. "Do you think, I mean, really think there could be life on other planets?"