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Best Place to Get Lost Trying to Find It

Roma Imports

Tucson is generally known as a place that is easy to navigate around. But there are some areas we know as black holes--Aviation Parkway/Alvernon Way/Palo Verde Road and 36th Street, for example, where as you are reading this, people are cursing while getting lost. Without a GPS, finding Roma Imports--an amazing little Italian grocery and deli located somewhere within the maze behind Kino Parkway/15th Street and Cox Communications, is guaranteed to be frustrating. The good news is that within this enclave, there are only so many wrong turns you can make. The better news is that once you've had a taste of Roma's generous salads, hot Italian sandwiches, soups and desserts, you'll want to actually figure out where it is. Look for Father Kino, turn west, and pray.