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Best Place To Find Vintage Suits


338 N. Fourth Ave.

STAFF PICK: It's all about being foxy, and nothing says foxy like a gold sharkskin suit. So where to secure one? There's a pretty good chance you'll find it -- or something passably close -- at Kanella's, which mixes retro vintage with hip new duds. As you enter the store, don't let the substantial leather, denim and vinyl deter you; head to the back and scan the racks along the right wall. We've found fabulous '50s suits here in all styles -- professional pinstripe, beguiling black, and yes, even sharkskin -- sssassy! And with Kanella's selection of both the old and new, you can customize your wardrobe to a style that spans decades. While there's a little more emphasis on the female selection -- a mix of shiny tanks and hot pants with vintage party dresses and clamdiggers -- guys will still be able to find a good selection of vintage shirts, pants and shoes sexy enough to turn any zero into a hero.

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