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PDQ Records and Tapes

2342 N. Dodge Blvd.

STAFF PICK: We're not sure what the name stands for, but don't waste your time trying to crack this riddle. Just get down to Tucson's only vinyl warehouse, PDQ. The specialty here is used rock, jazz, country and blues, predominately in the vinyl format, accompanied by a none-too-shabby supply of CDs. Whether you're looking for a used copy of your favorite Stones album, or are on the hunt for live rarities, PDQ is the place to begin and end that endeavor. Ignore those who claim the LP is dead; to music enthusiasts and casual listeners alike, PDQ is an oasis among a sea of overpriced, newfangled compact digital do-dads. And if you need your ailing turntable diagnosed, call and ask for Don, the house phonologist.