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Best Place to Buy Gourmet Cheese to Go With That Wine

Pastiche's Gourmet Food, Wine and Gift Shop

Pastiche Modern Eatery has delighted us for more than 10 years now--and their charming little wine shop has served Tucson for the last several years. With more than 600 wines (which no doubt helped the restaurant win a recent Wine Spectator Award of Excellence) to choose from, you can easily find a nice wine or two that'll fit your taste and budget. But there is so much more to the wine shop--cheeses, for example, lots and lots of great gourmet cheeses. Many of the choices are from small American cheese makers. Others are imported from all over the world (gorgonzola from Italy, cheddar from England, manchego from Spain). Amanda and Liz, the delightful shopkeepers, will gladly give you sample bites. Check out the Web site for a list of monthly wine tastings.