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Best Place to Buy Frozen Jellyfish, Duck Tongues, Chicken Feet and Frog Legs

G&L Imports Food and Gift Market

A trip to this place will leave you speechless. You'll find more variety on G&L's shelves than in all of Tucson's frumpy old grocery stores combined. If size matters, go to Wally-Mart or Albertsons. But for an eye-popping selection of exotic Oriental and other foods you won't find anywhere else, G&L has the competition beat. There's an entire aisle (both sides) devoted just to different varieties of ramen. You'll find frozen gourami fish, periwinkle meat, duck heads, seaweeds, 50-pound bags of rice, 5-gallon buckets of soy sauce, spices, exotic fruits and vegetables, furniture, utensils, woks, shoes and, strangely, a copy of The Complete Armenian Cookbook. It's a little corner of foodie heaven.