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Dress Code

Music nerds know: The best kind of a T-shirt is a band T-shirt, preferably one purchased at a show. But no one can see every band he/she loves, especially in Tucson, and sometimes, let's face it: The concert T-shirts are ugly. Or $40. Seriously!? For a T-shirt? What's a music fan to do? Tucson's Dress Code has a solution to this conundrum: It's a whole store full of affordable music-related merchandise. They've got T-shirts, of course, from AC/DC to Zebrahead, as well as shoes, jewelry, wallets, backpacks, hats and stickers. Now there's no excuse for any Tucsonan not to display their love for the Goo Goo Dolls across their chest. On second thought, the Beastie Boys may be a better choice.