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Best Place in Town to Channel Bob Marley

CeeDee Jamaican Kitchen

Going to CeeDee Jamaican Kitchen is like playing a game of Let's Pretend. It goes like this: Let's pretend you're not in Tucson anymore; instead, you're in a bigger city, where there are pockets of cool ethnic neighborhoods. Suddenly, you hear Bob Marley's voice singing out about women and crying and all. You look over, and images of a Rastafarian lion and colors of green, red and yellow call you over to the delicious smells of jerk chicken. Remember those great reggae concerts at El Casino Ballroom so long ago? Remember the great food sold during the shows? Did you wish back then that someone would open a great Jamaican restaurant in Tucson—a place you could go for some coconut rice, plantains and curry chicken? Well, our game of Let's Pretend is over.