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Best Place for Adults to Indulge Their Inner Child

Mrs. Tiggy-Winkles

There's something about toys that makes adults both excited and ashamed. One of us has a sister who regularly picks up Hello Kitty stationery for a 4-year-old--who can't write yet. Why the excuses? It's time to throw aside the shame and exclaim to the world, "I love toys, and I'm an adult!" The best place to take your baby steps towards acceptance is Mrs. Tiggy-Winkles. From Devil Duckies to fairy wings and all things in between, you can step proudly up to the register with your finds and exclaim, "Yes, I would like to purchase this fabulous Dashboard Jesus!" Bonus points: Right next door is Marble Slab Creamery, where you can indulge after a toy-buying frenzy with a scoop of the best cheesecake ice cream in Tucson.