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Magpies Gourmet Pizza

Devotees of New York-style pizza--with thin crust, red sauce, lots of cheese and a topping or two--may squirm at the huge, transcontinental-leaning menu at Magpies. But Magpies offers just what the name says--gourmet pizza--and even the biggest pizza snob would have to admit that Magpies makes a damn tasty pie. With a huge selection of styles, multiple toppings, and several alternate sauces and crusts, Magpies has an actual menu, not just a handful of choices. Add in salads, calzones, hot bread sticks and microbrews, and it's hard to imagine someone not finding something to suit them at Magpies. The patio on Fourth Avenue is a bonus.

Runners up:

2. Brooklyn Pizza Company, 534 N. Fourth Ave., 622-6868,

3. Zona 78, 78 W. River Road, 888-7878; 7301 E. Tanque Verde Road, 296-7878,

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