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True story: A couple of years back, Tucson Weekly's midtown bureau welcomed Wilco (the Dog) to the team. Wilco had a bit of a wild streak, but since completing her undergrad and graduate degrees at PetSmart's weekly classes, she's become quite the well-behaved newshound. (Well, except for that time last week when she snatched that sandwich off of our lunch counter. Bad dog!) Wilco had so much fun in class that she still loves shopping at PetSmart, where she can find just about everything she needs. But, hey, this place is so well-stocked that even Krypto the Superdog and Beppo the Super-Monkey could find whatever they'd need here to save the day.

Runners up:

2. OK Feed and Supply

3701 E. Fort Lowell Road


3. Petco

Various locations