Best Of Tucson®

Best Park

Gene C. Reid Park

Surprise—the best park in Tucson is the one that features live elephants! Really though, as far as parks go it's tough to compete with this one. It's got a lake, an award-winning rose garden, a zoo, a shaded pool, 3 miles of paved walkway, numerous outdoor ramadas and two prime outdoor event locations in Hi Corbett Field and the DeMeester Performance Center. Phew! We're sweating just talking about it. And we haven't even mentioned the Community Center, Miko's off-the-leash dog park, the public art, the pond ... can we stop yet? Basically, Reid Park's got everything. It's the perfect place to work out, spend a quiet afternoon in shaded reflection, or have a barbeque with family and friends. So check it out. Besides, you're always saying how you need to get out more.

Runners up:

2. Brandi Fenton Memorial Park

3482 E. River Road

3. Himmel Park