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Gene C. Reid Park

Reid Park is a grassy, tree-covered oasis in the center of a dry, barren desert. Without it, Tucson wouldn't be nearly as nice. There may not be 1,984 things to do in the park, but there certainly are a lot. There are major attractions like Hi Corbett Field, where the Tucson Toros play; DeMeester Outdoor Performance Center, where lots of musicians play; and the zoo, where the deer, antelope and other animals play. Add an aquatic center, a rose garden and an off-leash dog facility, and then throw in almost three-dozen ramadas where picnics can be held, a playground and a small lake. Reid Park is simply open space in Tucson at its best.

Runners up:

2. Himmel Park

1000 N. Tucson Blvd.

3. Roy P. Drachman Agua Caliente Regional Park

12325 E. Roger Road